Homage to Space Port

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Modification and custom artwork for my Mayflash F500

Great Memories of a Local Arcade Chain

Did a little modification and custom artwork for my Mayflash F500 based on the first arcade I used to frequent at the Oxford Valley Mall. Luckily there is a Space Port training video on YouTube which has some nice still shots of the old arcade chain’s design including a good look at the retrofuture fonts and motifs.

This is a huge nostalgia bomb for me every time I look at my fight stick which I tend to use with my MiSTer attached to my PVM CRT monitor.

The kind folks at Focus Attack did and amazing job with the Photoshop file I provided and shipped it out via USPS the next day. I also replaced the buttons and ball with chrome-style Sanwa parts.

Warning: Gratuitous scanline porn ahead! (Instagram)