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What I’m doing now

Last updated: March 20, 2021

Happy Spring. Lizzy and Lou turned FIVE earlier this month! We have two five-year-olds. This is crazy. Time is flying by faster than ever.

I've recently accepted a new position at the American Red Cross as a web software engineer. It has been an honor and privilege to work alongside some of the most amazing colleagues one could ask for at Jefferson Health for the past eight years. This new position brings with it an exciting opportunity for me to grow as a developer, with a focus on the front end of the stack, still developing components for Adobe Experience Manager, and gaining additional responsibilities with much to learn on the back end.

COVID-19 has certainly made things interesting. I'm fortunate to say that I've received both vaccination shots at this time. Since my wife is a nurse practitioner and her brother is a pharmacist, we can share each of our different perspectives from inside the industry. I give all the praise and credit in the world to those folks on the front lines of this terrible disease and this challenging time in history.

Taking a proactive approach with my health and running when I can, preparing for the 2021 Broad Street Run (10 miles), whether it is a virtual format again or hopefully in person, with a target goal of running a half marathon (13.1 miles) before my 40th birthday.

Back to playing banjo with Fralinger and Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society as the live gigs are just starting to pick up again!

Blogging as often as I can find time to form coherent thoughts about a topic of interest.

Starting off strong with my 2021 reading challenge goal of 21 books.

Playing video games, notably on PS5 and MiSTer. My tastes gravitate towards games from and inspired by the 8- and 16-bit “golden age” of pixel art. Kids can keep their Fortnite and Overwatch. Give me the “NES Hard” platformers, run-and-guns, and RPGs. I love to chat about CRT scan lines in 240p RGB, or the latest advances in FPGA-based systems with near-perfect accuracy and zero-to-low input latency.

Ultimately trying to balance being a father, husband, son, web professional, musician, nerd, colleague, friend, and decent human being in the crazy world we currently live in.

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