“But when I run, the world grows quiet. Demons are forgotten, Krakens are slain, and Blerches are silenced.”
—The Oatmeal

Official Races

RaceDateDistanceTimePace (per mile)
Phillies Charities 5K (virtual)Jun 7, 20215K (3.1 miles)0:34:210:10:54
Broad Street Run (virtual)Sep 15, 202010 miles1:57:500:11:47
Phillies Charities 5KMar 26, 20165K (3.1 miles)0:31:420:10:12
Phillies Charities 5KMar 22, 20145K (3.1 miles)0:31:110:10:02
Phillies Charities 5KMar 23, 20135K (3.1 miles)0:30:590:09:59
Four Seasons Parkway RunSep 30, 20125K (3.1 miles)0:32:520:10:35