Super Mario Sisters

Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mario and Luigi on a Sony Trinitron

Going Viral Again

Happy Halloween! Lizzy and Lou have been playing a lot of Super Mario Odyssey these days. When we asked them what they wanted to be for Halloween this year, the definitive answer was "Mario and Luigi"! We repurposed last year's claw machine prop, mounted a real TV inside it hooked up to a NES Classic, and celebrated Mario's 35th anniversary in style with the girls dressed as their favorite plumbers.

Not only was this a COVID-safe solution, complete with mustache masks and built-in social distancing, it was also a huge hit around the neighborhood. While it didn't blow up quite as big as last year's claw machine, we did manage to get our Storyful video for this year's costume picked up by MSN and Yahoo, even in Taiwan and the UK!